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Only the best brands live enough to celebrate their centenary and 2017 is the year to commemorate ours.

Norica was founded in 1917 in Eibar (Spain), the prestigious, world-famous cradle of the arms industry, as a manufacturer of air rifles and pistols.

During 100 years of successful history it has achieved national and international recognition in the field, thanks to our philosophy directed always at high quality, innovation and precision in all our products and fully personalized customer service which have made it a worldwide point of reference in the sector.

A century of existence that brought us great and not that good moments, but we have always kept our values and Eibarrese essence: manufacture high quality and performance products that pass down from generation to generation.

From Norica we want to thank you for your confidence and support that have made possible celebrating 100 years of history.


• It is constituted and founded the Industrial Society Norberto Arizmendi & Company.
• Its location is in the Isasi street Gunsmith City of Eibar.
• Its industrial activity is the production of shotguns, air pistols and air rifles.
• It is registered NORICA Brand.


• The factory buildings are destroyed by the effects of the country's civil war.


• Buildings are constructed on the same grounds and buy new machinery, more modern and manufactured in the neighboring city, "birthplace of the machine tool" of Elgoibar.


• The real estate and industrial boom of Eibar, circumstances have been embedded within the city center, the limitations of the production areas for industrial production due to the increased sales, make the Management to purchase a plot outside the village, which today is called Otaola street, number 16, with an important enough to address future expansion area.
• Norberto Arizmendi & Company changed the business name to Normberto Arizmendi, S.A.
• Norberto Arizmendi, S.A. opens a new industrial activity and create a division in the specialty hot forging, turning their production sectors of Hand Tools, Original Parts destined for the Truck and Automotive.


• Norberto Arizmendi certified quality systems ISO 9000 and ISO 9001.


• Norberto Arizmendi closes its hot forging facility in Eibar and moved all its activities to the city of Amorebieta, Bizkaia.
• An industrial group with the Association of the main companies with activity hot forging of Euskadi is created in the city of Amorebieta, Bizkaia, where it will be integrated Norberto Arizmendi, S.A.
• Norberto Arizmendi, S.A.disappears, to be absorbed by the Industrial Group and the fact that the producers belonging to the business of weapons, shotguns, pistols and air guns, create a new society.
• FARMI, S.A.L. is created by the producers themselves engaged in the activity of AIR GUN.
• Production facilities of shotguns, fine shotguns and pistols are closed.


• Farmi S.A.L., is sold to an investor group changing its name to Farmi, S.A. The producers are still the same.


• The investor group includes the production of pellets with the purchase of ARLAZ pellets factory.


• The investor group includes the production of shotguns with the purchase of the LAURONA shotguns factory.


• The investor group includes the production of shotguns with the purchase of ZABALA shotguns factory.


• The Group Farmi S.A. bankruptcy in all its investments closing their facilities in Eibar.
• Farmi, S.A. producers themselves, create a company called MONTAJES Usartza, S.A.L., which is responsible for assembly, installation and quality control of the product. The manufacturing activity of air rifles moved to the neighboring town of Elgeta, in the same province of Gipuzkoa.
• A new investor creates EIBAR AIRGUN TRADING COMPANY, S.L., which will manage the marketing of the air rifles.
• The divisions ZABALA and LAURONA shotguns are acquired by a other investor.


• The commercial activity makes the customer base increased to strengthen the development of Brand NORICA.


• NORICA participates as sponsor in the 51st World Championships Olympic Shooting held in Spain.


• Currently, the brand has established NORICA worldwide.
• 93% of production to 56 countries around the world are exported.
• NORICA is present in the most important fairs in the world, such as the IWA (Nuremberg - Germany) and the SHOT SHOW (Las Vegas - USA).
• NORICA manufactures its hundred percent of the models and components of their air rifles with domestic products. All come from European steel mills. All manufacturing machining, stamping, heat treatment, surface coatings and assembly takes place in Gipuzkoa, Spain.
• NORICA is a registered trademark in the European Union, the countries that made up the former Soviet Union, in Central and South American countries, in the Arab countries and China.
• NORICA is present in the market and is considered a benchmark in terms of product quality.
• NORICA is currently preparing the "Party of his 99th birthday"... and next year we prepare our "First Centenary"... that for 2017.


• We celebrate our centenary honoring our heritage. Air rifles 100% Made in Eibar, Spain, with the best available materials and handcrafted by expert workers.
• Accurate, powerful and built to perform.