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We present our complete range of air rifles, where you can find the product that best suits your personal needs in terms of technical characteristics of each model and public characteristics to which they are targeted.

  • Norica Phantom GRS

    Phantom GRS - Adult

    The Phantom GRS combines the power and quality of our GRS technology with SilentShot sound suppressor for quiet...

  • Norica Verteks GRS

    Verteks GRS - Junior

    The super quiet all family air gun. GRS & RAS provide a smooth and controlled shooting cycle while SilentShot...

  • Norica Dead Eye GRS

    Dead Eye GRS - Adult

    Tactical look air rifle featuring the best of Norica technologies. GRS (Gas Ram System) delivers full and constant power...

  • Norica Dead Eye GRS Camo

    Dead Eye GRS Camo - Adult

    Our latest air rifle model featuring military WTP Tiger Stripe camo.

  • Norica Dragon GRS Evolution

    Dragon GRS Evolution - Adult

    One of our latest air rifles. Anti-shock and ambidextrous fiber stock. GRS system incorporated to increase their power...

  • Norica Dragon GRS Evolution max

    Dragon GRS Evolution Max - Adult

    One of our latest air rifles, fully renovated aesthetics. Bullbarrel with anodized aluminum barrel and suppressor...

  • Norica Thor GRS Supreme

    Thor GRS Supreme - Junior

    Norica incorporates the GRS + RAS systems to Junior range air rifles, in Thor models. The Supreme series comes with...

  • Norica Thor GRS

    Thor GRS - Junior

    One of our Junior air rifles, enhanced GRS+RAS systems. Reduced weight thanks to its anti-shock fiber stock.

  • Norica Hawk GRS

    Hawk GRS - Adult

    One of our best air rifles. With vaporized beech stock, which gives good stability and vibration absorption. GRS + RAS system...

  • Norica Marvic 2.0 Luxe

    Marvic 2.0 Luxe - Adult

    Like Marvic 2.0 it is one of the best finishes air rifles. The Marvic 2.0 Luxe includes an adjustable cheek to give further comfort...

  • Norica Spider GRS

    Spider GRS - Adult

    One of our most powerful anti-shock fiber stock air rifles thanks to GRS system. With ventilated recoil pad for confort and...

  • Norica Spider GRS Camo

    Spider GRS Camo - Adult

    Like the model Spider GRS, this is one of our most powerful anti-shock fiber stock air rifles thank to GRS system. The difference...

  • Norica Black Eagle

    Black Eagle - Adult

    One of our air rifles improved aesthetics and better finishes. With blank inked beech stock and stings natural wood color...

  • Norica Storm

    Storm - Adult

    One of our most ambitious creations. We have used only top quality materials like vaporized beech stock with premium finish.

  • Norica Marvic 2.0

    Marvic 2.0 - Adult

    One of the best finishes air rifles. Thestock is made of beech and high quality finishes make it a very versatile, maneuverable...

  • Norica Dream Rider

    Dream Rider - Adult

    Reduced weight air rifle thanks to anti-shock fiber stock. Perfect for those looking for a versatile and powerful air rifle.

  • Norica Dream Hunter

    Dream Hunter - Adult

    Fixed barrel air rifle with under lever cocking. This results in long-term reliability of accuracy. Without gaps or mismatches...

  • Norica Dragon

    Dragon - Adult

    One of the anti-shock fiber stock Norica air rifles. Still present in our catalog thanks to its good quality, power and value.

  • Norica Atlantic

    Atlantic - Adult

    The stock of the air rifle is made of anti-shock fiber, giving durability properties, excellent stability and vibration absorption...

  • Norica Titan

    Titan - Junior

    For those who want to enter in the shooting world we have created the Titan. Handy and versatile, accurate and moderate power...

  • Norica Shootter

    Shooter - Junior

    Light and handy air rifle. Made of vaporized beech stock and checkering in pistol grip for a better grip.

  • Norica 56

    56 - Infant

    Light and handy air rifle. Manufactured with vaporized beech stock for stability.

  • Titan Pack

    Titan Pack - Junior

    Pack consisting Titan air rifle + Slip + Scope + Ammunition.

  • Dragon Pack

    Dragon Pack - Adult

    Pack consisting Dragon air rifle + Slip + Scope + Ammunition.

  • Spider GRS Pack

    Spider GRS Pack - Adult

    Pack consisting Spider GRS air rifles + Magnum Scope.

  • Black Ops Sniper

    Black Ops Sniper - Adult

    Airgun with adjustable cheek piece. Scope and bipod included.